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All-on-4: The Newest Solution To Dentures And Implants

all on 4 vs dentures

All-on-4: The Newest Solution To Dentures And Implants

Having dentures can be a pro and a con for most people. It gives you the ability to have a good set of well-functioning teeth in the event where your previous teeth encountered certain problems and can give you the freedom that you need to flaunt that bright smile. However, dentures aren’t the most comfortable to wear, especially if your dentures don’t fit you as well as they are required to be. In these instances, going in for an All-on-4 dental implants solution is the best thing that you can do.

What Is All-on-4?

All-on-4 is considered to be one of the newest and most efficient treatment options for those who are experiencing certain kinds of problems as a result of their dentures. The procedure works by offering the individual with a set of hybrid dentures. This is designed to be used in the instance wherein an individual needs an entirely new set of teeth as a result of certain problems that they might have faced. The implants in this instance are placed along the arch of the mouth and contain four screws. The dentures are screwed onto these four parts and fixed in a way that makes them sit firmly against the arch of the gums. The unique design of these implants makes it incredibly easy to fix on and is something that can be incredibly beneficial for anyone who doesn’t want to go through the effort of removable dentures or ill-fitting implants.

One of the many benefits of using All-on-4 is the avoidance of any kind of bone grafting. When trying to perform some kind of setting down of implants, an individual normally has to undergo a process of bone grafting so as to make up for what was lost in the process. This also significantly increases the amount of time it takes for the implants to heal and can be something that causes further problems if not done in the right manner. Using a solution like All-on-4 is considered to be significantly better because it improves the manner in which the implant is placed, and completely eliminates the need for any kind of bone grafting procedure. This also means that the time that it takes to heal is significantly lower as compared to other procedures.

Benefits Of All-on-4

The reason why All-on-4 has become such a beneficial and popular option for those who are in need of dental implants is because the various positives that come along with it.

1. Easier Oral Care

All-on-4 is significantly better when trying to maintain oral care because of the ease at which one can brush their teeth without having to worry in any way.

2. No Removable Parts

All-on-4 is affixed onto four points on the top pallet which is why it is never removed. This is a permanent solution and cannot be removed in any manner unless done by a professional dentist who is familiar with the All-on-4 system. This means that you never have to worry about removing or reinstalling the dentures or implants.

3. Faster Recovery

The recovery time during this kind of procedure is significantly faster as compared to most implants and denture-related procedures. The manner in which this is done causes minimal harm to the mouth and gums, which is why one doesn’t have to wait for it to heal before they can have full unrestricted movement and function in their mouth.

4. No Food Restrictions

There are no restrictions that one has to adhere to when going in for All-on-4 because it is something that is done quickly and without any kind of hindrances. An individual can resume eating all the foods that they usually do soon after the procedure, and don’t have to worry about damaging the implants through the consumption and biting of harder foods.

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There is no doubt that All-on-4 is an incredibly beneficial and proficient solution that anyone can turn to if they are in need of certain dentures. If you are in need of dental implants and want to opt for an alternative solution, All-on-4 is the best option to go in for. Visit your doctor and find out whether you can be a candidate for All-on-4 and whether this is something that you can use and implement.

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