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Can You Get Free Or Cheap Dental Implants?

Dental Implants

Can You Get Free Or Cheap Dental Implants?

Free or Cheap Dental Implants – The Myth and Truth

You may be looking for free or cheap dental implants to save money. Unfortunately, unless your father is a dentist, there is no such thing as free dental implants. Although there are some dentists offering cheap dental implants, the truth is you get what you pay for. Quality dental implants can last for your entire life. Cheap dental implants will most likely need to be replaced every few years. In the long run, they will be a lot more expensive.

Many dental professionals offer a payment plan to make the cost more affordable. Instead of wasting your valuable time searching for something free or cheap, your best option is finding a discount plan or good dental insurance to cover a portion of your cost. Dental implants financing is also available to ensure you receive the best implants available.

A cheap dental implants payment plan will enable you to make a payment each month as opposed to paying in one lump sum. Your best option is talking to the office staff to see if they offer a payment plan. A top dental professional will provide you with high-quality dental implants as opposed to something cheap and a reasonable payment plan. A quality dental professional will not offer you cheap dental implants because they understand the importance of quality.

What are Dental Implants?

Millions of individuals are suffering because they have lost teeth. This not only makes it difficult to chew, but these individuals often become self-conscious due to the related aesthetic issues. The majority of tooth loss is due to injury, periodontal disease and tooth decay. In the past, the only options you had for missing teeth were dentures and bridges. Due to advancements in technology, dental implants have become available.

A dental implant replaces the root of your missing tooth. This provides you with a strong foundation for both removable or permanent teeth. The dental implant blends in because it is constructed of porcelain to match your natural teeth. These implants are an effective and extremely popular way to replace the teeth you have lost. This means you can once again have a beautiful smile you can be proud to show.

One of the most noteworthy developments in the field of dentistry for more than forty years are dental implants. A dental implant is constructed using materials such as titanium due to its compatibility with the human body. When you receive a dental implant, a post is surgically placed in either your lower or upper jaw. This is a sturdy anchor to hold your new teeth. Single tooth implants and full mouth implants are both available.

You will find that dental implants are a stable and secure replacement for your missing teeth. There are three basic steps to the procedure of receiving an implant. The process begins when an implant is surgically placed into your jawbone. Dr. Vafa may recommend consuming soft foods, warm soup or cold foods while your mouth is healing.

The next step is called osseointegration

This is when the bone surrounding your implant heals. Osseointegration is the reason for the strength of your implant. As your bone heals, it will secure your implant in place. The actual meaning of the term osseointegration is combining with the bone. This process will take time. You will need to wait until the integration of your bone is complete. This can require as long as a few months.

The skill and experience of the dental professional are critical during this step. Depending on your specific circumstances, the best dental professionals may be able to place you implants and new teeth during the same visit. This is dependent on the specifics of your situation. The last step is the actual placement of your new teeth. If you are only having one tooth replaced, it will be customized by the dental professional in the form of a dental crown.

A high-quality crown as opposed to a cheap crown is very important. This is because it must be the correct color, shape and size with an ideal fit. This will ensure it blends in properly with your other teeth. If you have more than one missing tooth, you will need to have either dentures or bridges customized to fit your dental implants and your mouth. You will need to allow time for your replacement teeth to be made.

While you are waiting, the dental professional will provide you with a temporary denture, bridge or crown. This will make certain you are able to talk and eat normally until your permanent replacement is available. This will also improve your facial aesthetics.

The Cost of Dental Implants in Los Angeles

There is a wide variation in the cost of dental implants in Los Angeles. The cost starts at $1,500 for single tooth implants with the average cost at $3,170. Full mouth implants vary depending on the number of dental implants you need. This is an average of $4,000 to $9,700. This substantial difference in pricing is a good way to identify cheap dental implants. Understanding the difference between cheap and affordable dental implants is extremely important.

Most of your cost for dental implants is the implant screw, crown and abutment. Even when cheap implants appear to be a great deal, they are not. This is because the cost of the screw, crown and abutment are not included. The cost of an implant screw is $85 to $2,500, a crown will cost you as much as $5,000 and the abutment is between $200 and $500. Once you include all of this in your price, your dental implants will not be so cheap anymore.

You also need to consider the costs of X-rays, a potential bone graft and laboratory fees. This means you may end up paying more than $10,000 because you saw an advertisement offering implants for $499. A top-quality dental professional does not have any hidden fees. You will be informed of the cost right upfront. If you do manage to find cheap dental implants, you are going to experience a lot of issues as time passes. You will most likely need to have you implant replaced.

The Importance of High-Quality Materials

The most important factors are the skill, training and experience of the dentist and the quality of the materials. A good example is the implant screws. A titanium alloy is the best material for bonding the screw to your jawbone. An inferior material will be used for cheap implant screws. Your crown does not have to be fancy, but it should be constructed from porcelain to ensure it is a good match for your natural teeth.

You can find quality materials at a reasonable price. Keep in mind, your dentist must pay for these materials, and they are not cheap. You can find a quality dental implant for as low as $3,000. A payment plan is one of your best options for covering the cost without losing quality. Your missing teeth will be replaced for a lifetime as opposed to settling for cheap materials that will not last.

The difference in the quality of implant materials is substantial. This does not mean you need to spend time researching the specific make and model. You do need to have the procedure performed by a qualified and skilled dental professional. They should be experienced with dental implants and have your complete confidence. There are more than sixty manufacturers of materials made for implants approved by the FDA.

This includes crowns, connectors and implant bases. The reliability, quality and sophistication of every manufacturer are different. A dental specialist has the training to understand which materials are best and why. They will not risk your dental health by choosing cheap materials. What they will do is offer you a payment plan to help ensure your dental implants will last for your entire life.

The Benefits of High-Quality Dental Implants

When you receive your dental implants from a top-quality dentist as opposed to settling for something cheap, there are a lot of advantages. This includes:

  • Improved Appearance: Dental implants provide the same feel and look as your natural teeth. Your dental implants will become permanent because they will fuse with your bone.
  • Improved Oral Health: Your remaining teeth will not have to be fused with dental implants like a bridge requiring support teeth. No alterations to your surrounding teeth are necessary to support your dental implants. This will improve your oral health for the long-term because your natural teeth remain intact.
  • The Convenience: Dental implants are completely different than removable dentures. Removing dentures can be embarrassing and inconvenient. Dentures also require adhesives to ensure they do not slip while you are eating or talking and will remain in place.
  • Improved Speech: Cheap dentures or cheap dental implants will not fit properly. This means they can slip or slide while you are wearing them. This can result in your words coming out slurred or mumbled. You can talk normally while wearing high-quality dental implants because they will not slip.
  • Comfort While Eating: Dental implants work in the same way as your natural teeth. This means you will remain comfortable while enjoying all of your favorite foods with no pain.
  • The Comfort Factor: Comfort is one of the best benefits you will receive with dental implants. Since they are a part of your mouth, the way you speak or talk is not affected.
  • Improved Confidence: Dental implants bring back your amazing smile. This improves your level of self-confidence.
  • The Durability: Dental implants are extremely durable. If you take care of them properly, they may last for your entire life. The same is not true of cheap dental implants.

Finding the Right Dental Payment Plan

You already know a high-quality dental implant is not cheap. Even with dental insurance, your out of pocket expenses can be substantial. Dental payment plans make the cost more affordable. What you may not realize is there are different types of plans available. Most reputable dental professionals will allow you to make payments for your dental implant.

It is important to understand the way the plan you are offered works. You should ask questions about the plan prior to deciding if it will work for your needs. You also need to be certain you will be able to comfortably afford your monthly payment. The longer the dental professional is willing to provide financing, the lower your monthly payment.

You can purchase a dental discount plan at a reasonable price. This is not the same thing as making payments to the dental professional. It is also not dental insurance, This type of plan offers you discounts with all participating dentists. You will receive your discount upfront to decrease the price of your implants. You need to check the plan to see exactly which services will be discounted, by how much and make certain dental implants are included.

Dental insurance for implants

You may have dental insurance through your employer or privately. If that’s the case, You should check with the dental professional to ensure your plan is accepted and to find out how much of the cost will be covered. You will most likely be able to visit the dental professional of your choice. In some cases, the insurance company will have approved dentists offering a preferential rate.

The majority of dental insurance companies will completely cover cleanings and checkups. You may have a small deductible. Other services such as dental implants will not be covered in full. Either your cost will be decreased or your insurance will pay for between ten and eighty percent of the charge. This depends on your specific insurance. You can determine the amount covered by contacting your insurance company.

Another option is securing a dental loan. This works in the same manner as applying for a loan to purchase a major appliance or a new car. You can compare the rates being charged by a few different companies to secure the best one. This will help lower your monthly payments. You will be able to cover the cost of your treatment in full. You can take out a loan for different time periods such as a few months or several years. Make certain you understand all of the details before you accept the loan.

Your last option is securing a loan through a third-party financial institution. You should talk to the dental professional because they may have already made arrangements for their patients with a specific company. If not, you can make the arrangements for yourself. The process is similar to that of securing a dental loan.