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Dental Implants vs dentures cost in Los Angeles, CA

Dental Implants vs dentures cost in Los Angeles, CA

While dental implants could cost more than dentures, they consider the ultimate solution to missing teeth! Your smile is one of the best assets you have as it can brighten up your whole face, showing the world your winsome personality. Unfortunately, not many people are blessed with good teeth and some have had to face the loss of permanent teeth rather early in life. If you’re unhappy with those dentures, they can prevent you from flashing that smile because they make you feel uncomfortable and insecure. If wearing dentures for the rest of your life is unpalatable for you, you’ll be happy to know that thanks to technological advancements, you now have a better option.

Now, people can choose the more natural looking dental implants to restore their winning smiles. More and more people are favoring dental implants over dentures because the latter has more benefits like enhanced comfort, better chewing ability, looks more natural, and many other reasons. Check out this chart below so you can compare and see the differences of the two tooth enhancement procedures:

Dental Implants


Has the power to maintain your facial structure by preserving the jawbone, which maintains your youthful looking face Leads to the deterioration of your facial structure as the dentures anchor itself to the jawbone. which decreases its quality over time and makes you look old
Since this are drilled onto the gums, they feel stable and more secure They often slip around and as time goes by, your dentures loosen their grip
These are very comfortable, feels like natural teeth, and functions like them with no fear of falling off These are uncomfortable, especially when they’ve been newly fitted, they feel quite fake, and the have been known to fall out
Doesn’t require any creams and adhesives during application Requires unpalatable tasting creams and adhesives
These act like natural teeth so it restores the natural chewing capability of the wearer The owner of denture have restricted chewing and have to avoid certain types of food because it may chip their fixtures off
Permanent and long-lasting solution to the problem Needs to be remade and relined periodically because the fit loosens over time
No special cleaning required and just clean with ease like normal teeth These have to be taken out all the time because food can get stuck between the crevices; it needs regular cleaning with special solutions because it can give you halitosis (bad breath)
It is only bit more expensive but this can last forever The price is less but since it is ineffective, you’ll have to keep on replacing them, and the summation of all those replacement can equal or even surpass the cost of implants

The Most Significant Benefit

One of the most significant benefits of dental implants that deserves emphasis is that they preserve the jawbone, which helps in maintaining your youthful appearance. Unlike dentures that eat away at at jawbone with the passing of time, dental implants even has the capacity to stimulate the jawbone. Implants replace the root of the tooth and are drilled onto the gums securely, which help in stimulating the bone of the jaw.

Because of this, the jawbone structure is maintained. It doesn’t risk shrinking because there is no space or empty cavity from the loss of your teeth roots, which forces the jaw to eventually cave in. Dental implants stop your jawbone from shrinking keeping because they are anchored and drilled in deeply. Thus, your facial structure remains just as it was before. You maintain your younger looking appearance thanks to dental implants.

Taking a Deeper Look at Costs

People tend to think that dentures are the more affordable replacement because they are cheaper than implants. However, when you add up all the costs of maintaining those dental fixtures from special cleaning solutions, topical fixatives, and frequent denture replacements, you’ll be surprised that the total expenditures goes way up high. Dentures need to be replaced every seven years because they also loosen over time, which is why they sometime pop out when people eat or talk. Moreover, dentures can chip off rather easily when you bite into the wrong kind of food.

With these in mind, people are now turning to dental implants because they have an average life span of twenty-five years. They are clearly the better investment choice because they are the next best thing to natural teeth. Those who desire a permanent solution turn to this wonderful scientific innovation because they are a great long-term investment. Dentures can never provide the same comfort level, quality aesthetics, confidence and peace of mind that dental implants offer.

Noteworthy, you have to choose the right center like West Hollywood Holistic and Cosmetic Dental Care clinic that offers innovative procedures, better treatment plans, and provide precise technology handled by their qualified and compassionate medical team that makes the placement of implants more comfortable and affordable. There are also financing options to help ease the burden in your pocket so be sure to factor those in when weighing your options. Making an informed choice is critical to your heath and well-being.

Rating Overall Performance

When it comes to comfort performance, dental implants definitely surpass ordinary dentures. These temporary and removable dentures slip around when you’re eating and speaking. With time, they can loosen so much and even pop out unexpectedly causing you embarrassment. Chewing also then becomes an issue, so it is harder to enjoy the food. Dentures that do not fit well can cause discomfort and can irritate the gums, resulting in painful mouth sores. On top of that, tedious maintenance procedures must be followed because unhygienic practices can lead to halitosis (bad breath). Sometimes, denture wearers are required to apply unpalatable tasting adhesives pastes to keep them secure. The overall maintenance of dentures is a burdensome chore.

On the flip side, dental implants feel, look, and function like natural teeth. You can clean and care for them just like the rest of your real teeth. You can chew with ease and enjoy all your favorite feed. You can speak without having to worry about them popping out. Since they look like your own pearly whites, you can be confident and smile without any worries. Unlike dentures, dental implants give you the freedom and confidence to face the world with your warm smile and sunny disposition.

If you’d like to learn more about the benefits of dental implants, see examples in person, or look around at the procedure rooms to ease your worries, come and visit the West Hollywood Holistic and Cosmetic Dental Care clinic. They offer free dental consultation and free second opinions. With their more than twenty-five years of experience in handling patients, they guarantee quality treatments and compassionate care. The roster of happy clients, who confidently and happily leave their clinic, speaks for itself. Visit the center today with no obligation or no costs because you owe it to yourself to have that million dollar smile. Click here to learn more about dental implants cost in Los Angeles, CA.