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What Is the Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

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What Is the Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

Your teeth can become cracked for any number of reasons, which could be anything from biting into a hard piece of food to poor dental hygiene. No matter the cause of these cracks, you’ll likely be able to notice them when they occur. However, there are times when the cracks that you experience will be extremely small. When this occurs, it’s likely that you’re suffering from cracked tooth syndrome, which you’ll need to have treated in Los Angeles to ensure that the condition doesn’t worsen.

What Is Cracked Tooth Syndrome?

It’s very common for teeth to become cracked, which can occur if you’re in some kind of accident or have not been taking care of your teeth like you’re supposed to. While these cracks are typically visible, it’s possible for them to be so small that they don’t show up on x-rays, which can make this condition difficult to diagnose. These cracks could also appear under the gum and are most common around the lower back teeth, which are referred to as molars. The molars are typically affected by cracked tooth syndrome because these teeth will absorb the majority of the force and impact that comes with chewing. Over time, small cracks may appear in the teeth, which can cause you to experience an array of symptoms.

This condition can also be caused by clenching or grinding the teeth on a regular basis. When undue amounts of pressure are placed on the teeth over a lengthy period of time, it’s possible for small cracks to appear. Teeth with extensive fillings also have a higher chance of cracking. If you’ve received root canal treatment in the past, keep in mind that your teeth won’t be as strong as they once were, which heightens the possibility that you will be affected by cracked tooth syndrome. If you suffer from one cracked tooth, it’s very likely that you will suffer from others now or in the future.

Symptoms of Cracked Tooth Syndrome

If you’ve developed cracked tooth syndrome, it’s likely that the affected tooth will hurt from time to time whenever you’re chewing or biting. This pain or general sensitivity can range from mild to intense in severity. Even if you’re only experiencing mild pain in the affected tooth, it’s important that you seek treatment immediately before the pain worsens. The ache or pain that you experience won’t be constant, which should allow you to receive at least some relief before you obtain treatment. In the event that the crack becomes larger over time, a small portion of the tooth could break off. It’s also possible for an infection to occur in the area. Since it’s very difficult to diagnose this syndrome, you may go through these symptoms for several months before a diagnosis can be made.

How This Condition Is Diagnosed

Your teeth will be examined by one of our dentists in Los Angeles. This examination will focus on the tooth that you believe has been cracked. We use a very small and sharp instrument known as an explorer to look for any tiny cracks in the tooth. While x-rays may be administered, they oftentimes are unable to display the crack that’s developed in the area. Other measures can be taken if these diagnostic methods have yet to produce the desired results. These measures could range anywhere from the tooth being stained with a dye to a crown or filling being removed so that the tooth can be more properly examined.

Treatment Options for Cracked Tooth Syndrome

Here at Holistic Cosmetic Dental Care in West Hollywood, we provide a range of treatments to help with cracked tooth syndrome. The treatment that you’re provided with depends on the location of the crack, how deep the crack is, and the size of the crack. If the crack is centered around the cusp of the tooth, a crown may be positioned on the entire tooth. If the center of the affected tooth has been cracked, a root canal may be necessary. Even when the root canal or crown is applied, it’s important to understand that symptoms may still linger. If your condition was caused by teeth grinding during the night, you might be provided with a night guard to prevent this from occurring in the future.

If you believe that you might be suffering from cracked tooth syndrome, call West Hollywood Holistic Cosmetic Dental Care today to schedule a free dental consultation.

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