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Is it possible to cure TMJ permanently?

TMJ treatment Los Angeles

Is it possible to cure TMJ permanently?

How To Cure TMJ Permanently

TMJ problem is a condition in which the two joints that connect the jawbone to the skull begin to ache as a result of damage, injury, or dislocation. The joint is known as the temporomandibular joint, or TMJ. Patients with TMJ have difficulty opening their jaws and have minor to severe pain in the joint, causing them to have an eating problem.
The two major causes of TMJ pain are Clenching and grinding of your teeth. Nevertheless, this is not an unrepairable state, with proper treatment, you can permanently treat MJ. If you are a newbie, the first thing to do is stop any habits involving teeth clenching, teeth grinding, or anything that puts pressure on the joint. In addition, ensure you start maintaining a soft diet, this spares your teeth from exerting excess pressure when biting something, and it will pressure the TMJ.
According to the National Institutes of Health brochure on TMJ, it approves the most conservative, permanently treat MJ is possible. Conservative treatments do not affect the tissues of the face, joint, or jaw involving surgery. The National Institute of Dental and Craniofacial Research, TMJ disorder is predicted to occur, it states approximately 10 million Americans are affected with the temporomandibular joint and therefore require permanently treat MJ.

Signs of TMJ

I know you are wondering who is affected by TMJ conditions. At times, they are caused because of genetics, while in some cases, they’ve resulted in problems such as arthritis or trauma to the area.
Additionally, when someone continuously holds tight or grinds their teeth they may cause TMJ pain. However, research has proven that this condition mostly affects women compared to men. Some signs of TMJ include:

  • Headaches
  • Limited jaw movement
  • Locking of the joint
  • Pain or discomfort in or around the neck, face, jaw muscles, temples, and ears
  • Pain clicks or pops when moving the jawbone
  • Problem chewing
  • Ear problems, including sensitivity to wind, pain, and noise
  • Locking of the joint

Additionally, when thinking of TMJ disorder, you only consider issues involving the jaw. Since it affects the overall quality wellbeing of life, this is another sign leading to insomnia anxiety, and insomnia.

Botox for TMJ

If you are looking for the best non-surgical treatment for the temporomandibular joint try neurotransmitter blocker such as Botox for TMJ. This helps release muscle tension for some months because it’s a natural muscle relaxant. To lessen muscle pain while sleeping you can combine Botox for TMJ with other non-surgical therapies such as bite splints. Botox for TMJ is non-invasive which is a substitute for TMJ surgery. Therefore, you experience mild soreness when injected and it’s not permanent. Botox is easy to manage, either through a cool compress or an over-the-counter pain reliever. Therefore, Botox for TMJ enables the patient to recover quickly.

Custom-made splints

Customer-made splints can help cure TMJ permanently. It’s customized and designed to be fitted over the lower or upper teeth. The splint which is fitted at the lower or upper teeth helps to shield the teeth and prevent you from grinding or clenching your teeth. Therefore, this gives the temporomandibular joint enough rest, resulting in it recovering without a problem.
When you notice the pain has reduced, do not remove the custom-made splints directly. Ensure you’re using it for about two or three added days to help the joint cure completely. In addition, change your diet to a soft one for several days before resuming your usual diet. If you’re continuously experiencing pain after TMJ treatment in Los Angeles visit the best TMJ specialist in town.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy also helps cure TMJ permanently by exercising the jaw joint. They’re several types of exercise for the jaw and mouth. These exercises are easy. You need to consult the best TMJ specialist in town to know which exercise suit you. According to a study researched by Haketa et al. (2010), TMJ exercise enables your mouth to open and reduces pain.

Here are several jaw exercises:

  • Relax your jaw and insert your tongue behind your top front teeth or on the roof of your mouth with caution. Allow your jaw and teeth to relax and separate.
  • Tongue up- Gently open and close your mouth while touching the roof of your mouth with your tongue.
  • Squeeze the chin lightly and slowly with your thumb and index fingers to resist closing the mouth. Close your mouth and squeeze your chin gently. This aids in the development of your chewing muscles.
  • Tuck your chin into your chest to form a double chin. Keep an erect stance with your chest up and shoulders back. Hold the position for 3-5 seconds before repeating the process ten times.

If the discomfort intensifies after performing the aforementioned exercises, make an appointment with the best TMJ specialist in town.


If you are considering surgery, ensure it’s the last option. This is not advocated by the majority of West Hollywood TMJ specialists. The surgery procedure for TMJ treatment in Los Angeles is referred to as arthroscopy. The surgery entails properly correcting the TMJ and removing any underlying internal joint problems.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation

The procedure entails TMJ treatment in Los Angeles with low-voltage electrical shocks to heal the pain. West Hollywood TMJ specialist will place modes of current in your inflammable area therefore, electrical currents will pass through the nerves and relieve the pain.
Note that you should not assume or ignore TMJ pain because it can cause something which can’t be irreversible when it’s not treated. Consult your West Hollywood TMJ specialist if the pain persists.

Ice Packs

A DIY therapy for TMJ is an ice pack. Ice cubes help to reduce inflammation and pain. Wrap the ice cubes in a clean cotton rag and apply them gently on your joint. It is vital to note that you should not leave your ice cubes on for more than 10-15 minutes.

Using Moist Heat

West Hollywood TMJ specialist always prescribe patients use moist heat to cure the joint injury. Therefore, using either moist heat or hot water wrapped in a moist cloth will you relax your TMJ pain and feel comfortable. When using this procedure be careful because you can burn your face.

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