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Benefits of Visiting a Holistic Dentist Beverly Hills for Your Oral Health 

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Benefits of Visiting a Holistic Dentist Beverly Hills for Your Oral Health 

If you are searching for holistic dentistry Los Angeles, it is most probably because you want to improve your oral health. At the same time, you want to be confident with your smile. Right now, more and more people are turning to holistic options, particularly when it comes to oral care. You can reduce the risk of tooth decay while maintaining your gums with the help of a holistic dentist Beverly Hills.

Why Visit a Holistic Dentist in Beverly Hills

When you choose the services of this type of dentist, you can benefit from the following:

X-Rays are not commonly used.

If you used to visit conventional dentists, you might have noticed that they are not afraid to use X-Rays routinely. Unfortunately, X-Rays are known to increase the risk of developing tumors in the brain due to the radiation exposure. Holistic dentistry Los Angeles typically use these machines only when they are, and the type they go for is a digital X-Ray, which emits 50% radiation.

Fluoride treatments are avoided.

Although it is believed that fluoride can help reduce cavities, there have been some recent studies that show they lead to more damage to a person’s dental health. In fact, it is linked to other health problems, such as bone cancer, dementia, arthritis, muscle disorders, and brain damage among others. You surely want to have peace of mind when you get oral treatment, which is why you should turn to holistic dentistry Los Angeles.

Dentists use natural solutions.

A holistic dentist Beverly Hills makes it a point to use only natural solutions for every procedure he or she performs on a patient. For instance, teeth whitening can be done using trays that utilize fewer chemicals than traditional treatments.

The Benefits of Biocompatible Materials

Holistic dentistry is mainly about the use of biocompatible materials, such as in fillings. Instead of going for mercury, which is traditionally used, these dentists choose a healthier option. Biocompatible materials, unlike mercury, do not have underlying effects to the body. Their goal is to look for natural means and practice them over conventional methods, especially those that can harm the patients.

Biocompatible fillings consist of durable composite materials that resemble the color of a tooth. They are used instead of gold or silver when patients get treated for cavities or tooth decay. When a substance is called “biocompatible,” it means that it has the capacity to coexist with the organisms and living tissues without causing them any harm.

When used in fillings for the teeth, it means these materials have gone through methodical testing. The substances also are non-toxic and non-injurious. You are guaranteed that your immune system, as well as your entire body, will remain safe throughout the procedure and even after that.
A holistic dentist Beverly Hills does not just use healthy and safe materials, but he or she can also evaluate your overall health. These dentists do not just take a look at your teeth, but they also focus on the connection between your body and your mouth since your oral health can directly impact your physical wellbeing.

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