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Standard Costs for TMJ Treatment in Los Angeles

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Standard Costs for TMJ Treatment in Los Angeles

The costs of TMJ treatment in Los Angeles can range from very affordable to somewhat expensive depending on the extent of the treatment. If you’re covered by health insurance, a visit to the doctor to have this disorder diagnosed will typically come with a copay of 10-50 percent. There are also times when dental insurance and health insurance plans don’t provide coverage for TMJ treatment, which is why you should also be aware of the total costs of these treatments if insurance isn’t a factor. For the patients who don’t have dental or health insurance, cold therapy and pain relievers could cost less than $500. If you need a stabilization splint, you may be required to pay as much as $2,000. If a dental night guard is necessary, the average costs associated with this treatment are anywhere from $300-$1,100.

The higher costs associated with TMJ treatment occur with surgical procedures. If you’re able to obtain a minimally-invasive procedure known as an arthroscopy, the costs can be upwards of $4,500-$7,500. In the event that the entire joint needs to be replaced, you’ll be looking at costs of $50,000-$75,000. Keep in mind that the costs you pay depend on the insurance plan you have as well as the care provider that you make an appointment with. At our dental firm, we aim to provide treatments at competitive prices. If you don’t have insurance, the more affordable treatments like medication and cold therapy should be enough to reduce the symptoms that you’re experiencing. If the pain that you’re going through is severe, you may be prescribed with a stronger pain reliever. Since there are so many treatment options available for TMJ, you can select the treatments that fit within your budget. If you want to avoid paying exorbitant costs, consider obtaining insurance that covers TMJ treatments.

Here at West Hollywood Holistic and Cosmetic Dental Care, we provide treatments for a wide range of dental issues, which includes everything from dental cavities to the TMJ disorder, which is a serious joint disorder that typically requires treatment to get rid of. When you’re thinking about obtaining treatment for TMJ, you might want to know how much this treatment will cost in Los Angeles, the answer of which is detailed in the following.

What Is TMJ?

TMJ is a disorder that specifically affects the temporomandibular joint, which is located around the base of your skull. This joint directly connects the upper jaw and lower jaw and is held together by various muscles and ligaments. Whenever you open your mouth to speak or to eat food, this joint is the hinge that allows you to make these movements. The disorder related to this joint involves any health condition that affects the joint. Like all other joints in the body, this joint can become swollen, painful, or fractured. If you grind your teeth at night or clench your jaw while you’re sleeping, these issues will likely cause damage to the TMJ, which will cause you to experience pain and a variety of other symptoms.

Types of TMJ Treatment

It’s important to understand that there is no cure for this disorder. However, it’s possible to substantially reduce the symptoms you’re experiencing. Medications will often be provided to alleviate the pain and to eliminate any muscle spasms. You could also learn some muscle relaxation techniques, which should lessen the amount of tension in your jaw. Among the most effective treatments that we provide here at our West Hollywood dentist is a night guard.

By wearing a dental night guard, you should be able to reduce the damaging effects that occur when you grind or clench your teeth. If you haven’t been able to put a stop to the grinding and clenching that occur, a night guard will eliminate the issues that are caused by these actions. On a rare occasion, it’s possible that surgery will be required to correct the disorder. The type of surgery you’re provided with depends on what’s causing your case of TMJ.

If you’ve been diagnosed with TMJ disorder and are seeking treatment for it, contact our West Hollywood dentist today to schedule a complimentary dental consultation.

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